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Information About Marble "White Of Volakas"

White of Volakas Marble Greek marble of bright white background color with light irregular grey, brown or sometimes purple or dark pink veins. According to its veining and composition there are several white stone grades and besides its original name it’s also known with several other names usually given by a trader, manufacturer, quarrier or supplier. Volakas Stone Grades
Volakas White Marble Supplies White of Volakas quarries are very productive and all are located on Falakro Mt. in Drama, Greece. Marble supplies of this fine dolomite, for the past decades, have been reaching industries and construction companies all around the world in various forms, such as tiles in standard sizes, tiles in cut–to–size dimensions, slabs and raw blocks.
Volakas Stone The white stone in a short period of time has achieved to fairly replace many of the famous Italian marbles, be popular in the international market and gain one of the top positions in Greek marble exports. Being suitable both for interior and exterior applications for wall and floor, Volakas marble is used to accomplish many exquisite and luxurious design projects. Volakas Granite
Information about marble
White of Volakas is a dolomitic stone, so, the term Volakas stone is acceptable, on the contrary to the incorrect term Volakas granite. About marble and granite (and marbles relatives, such as limestone, onyx and travertine) it should be undelined that they are all stones quarried from the earth but very different from each other. Besides, there are plenty deposits of marbles in Greece but none deposit of granite.
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